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We are Exporting apparel products from basic to ultra-modern. We work with retailers and Brands across the world. Our Goal is to Extend our Creativity to All Nations. We turn our customers’ imaginative ideas into reality and shape them through our technical expertise and professionalism. Our team firmly believes that the essence of today’s business is customer satisfaction. Our company has the latest technology, expertise, knowledge and most importantly the right mindset to achieve complete customer satisfaction.


Sarsabaz Trading is led by a visionary CEO, who has extensive experience in the apparel industry. The CEO of the company has worked with a number of apparel companies in Pakistan and has given them tremendous growth in a short span of time. Our leadership gives employees a sense of vision, purpose, guidance and motivation.


Sarsabaz Trading employs talented merchandising, planning and production teams. The unique feature of our company is the sense of ownership and responsibility that creeps down to machine operator. The motivation for customer service and working for common goals results in manufacturing top quality products while meeting the shipping deadlines.


The pragmatism of leadership has built management controls across the apparel supply chain that helps to secure competitive material sourcing, controlling wastages, saving consumptions, energies, and time that eventually results in cost efficiencies. 

Our Products

We offer all kinds of Apparel Products such as Hoodies, T-shirts,
Sweatshirts, Jeans, Tops, Outerwear, Leggings, Socks, Underwear and
Trousers. Our company has developed a variety of products to make it fine
and a nice touch to wear. These features are appreciated by consumers
around the world.


  • 4rth largest cotton producer in the world.
  • Having state of the art , most modern spinning sectors in the region.
  • Producing a variety of combed, ring, spun, and heather yarns.
  • Having about 400 spinning mills with 10 million spindles.
  • Having 37% share in the cotton yarn markets of the world.
  • Diversified fabric making plants producing novel textures and finishes.
  • Large scale sewing industry infrastructure being supported by Govt. of Pakistan.
  • Blessed with unique cotton climate that nurtures cotton fibers with extra absorbency ideal for excellent dye ability and soft hand feel.
  • Located in the heart of South Asia, surrounded by Arabian Sea with well built ports and shipping facilities that provide rapid access to American and EU markets.


Our Newly updated and vertically integrated knitting facility is furnished with the world renowned knitting machines manufacturers from USA, Italy and Korea. To produce knitted fabric of supreme quality, it is vital that superior quality raw material is procured at competitive prices.


Our dyeing unit is equipped with Fong’s Dyeing machines along with THEN Airflow technology dyeing machines. It is capable of dyeing both 100% cotton and blended fabric.


Sarsabaz Trading is equipped with latest finishing machinery that is apt for both lines of finishing, (tubular and open width fabric). Other than this all type of fabrics can also be finished in our unit.


Our printing department is equipped with state of the art automatic printing machines which runs through the different color scheme to ensure the desired look and quality. Embellishment adds value to the garment. We have our own complete print set up which successfully adding features to
our products.


Cutting department, we have different cutting machines that totally meet the needs of our stitching Inductions Cutting department of our company consists of latest machines for pattern designing and grading.


There are different stitching unit having different machines with different production capacity. Stitching units are equipped with high-speed precision stitching machines operated by skilled labor experienced in shaping fabrics into the different product sizes and styles as per the requirements of buyers from various countries. The Quality control and Quality Assurance departments are in place to make sure the company’s objective of zero defects.

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